frequently asked questions: spin art nation in aTLANTA, ga

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the admission?

Monday -Thursday

  • $24.99 kids 11 & under package with 12″ x 12″ canvas
  • $34.99 adults with 12″ x 12″ canvas

Friday – Sunday

  • $29.99 “kids 11 & under package with 12″ x 12″ canvas
  • $39.99 “adults with 12″ x 12″ canvas

Upgrades to bigger canvases available at the checkout.

What should we wear?

We recommend that you wear some old clothing that you wouldn’t mind having a paint drop or two on.

How long are the Spin Art session?

1 hour

What is the minimum age requirement?

4 and up. 12 years or younger must be accompanied by parent or guardian. The parent or guardian must pay their admission fee.

Can Two people work on one Diamond package? 

Yes, you can work on one diamond package together. At checkout chose 1 package and chose diamond package..

Can we bring alcohol or beer?

At the moment we don’t have alcohol license or BYOB license.

Can we BYOB (Bring your own Beer)?

Not at this time. But we are working on getting Alcohol license

Do you have any discounts?

For any special occasion/big group or any other discount contact support@spinartatlanta.com.

What is minimum number of participants required?

One person minimum

Does everyone in my party get their own spin art booth?

Each spin art session designed for up to 2 artists.

You don’t book separate bowling lane for each player when playin bowling, right?

You’ll be making your masterpieces together, taking turns, discussing techniques and ideas.

How long do we keep art if it’s not picked up on the same day?

We keep it for up to 14 days. After that we will put it on our lobby wall, sell or donate it.

Do we sell any food or drinks?

Yes, We sell soft drinks and Snacks

Should we come in earlier?

Yes come in about 15 minutes before your booking time.

What if we come late? Will you wait for us?

No worries. We will move your reservation for a next available slot.

How many people can participate at the same time?

We can do up to 12 people max. ( we have 6 adults and 6 kids stations)

Is there a instructor provided?

Yes, we will instruct classes from start to finish.

Do we have to make a reservation or can we just walk in?

You need to make a reservation.

Do I need to make a payment in order to make a booking?


Do I need to pay for everyone in my group?

No, you can pay for your ticket only and other group members can pay all individually too.

Do I need to make a downpayment for group reservation?

For individuals you need to make a payment at the time of booking

For groups you need to make a minimum of 50% down payment at the time of booking.

Can you send us an invoice so we can pay with a check?

Yes we can. Contact the location where you plan to visit.

What is your cancellation policy?

We can cancel or change your booking with booking insurance, but we don’t do refunds.

Can I get a refund?

Due to the nature of our business we don’t do refunds. We can reschedule your booking or if you need to cancel we can offer to leave a credit on your account for future booking.

Do you offer booking insurance?

Yes. We offer booking insurance.

If you opt in to purchase the booking insurance you are able to move your booking for a future date/time, or receive a credit.

What rules must I follow while visiting Spin Art Nation?

We have a few ground rules, which must be followed at all times:

We recommend that you wear some old clothing that you wouldn’t mind having a paint drop or two on.

Listen to your Art Instructor’s at all times.

Do not bring any weapons, alcoholic beverages, or pets onto the property

Respect other customers and employees; no rude or lewd behavior.

No smoking inside the facility.

No Flashlights.

Can I bring my cellphone and take pictures and video?

YES, in fact we encourage it. We provide professional lighting set up for your phone and chargers. Just make sure to tag us.

Is there a dress code?

All participants MUST wear proper CLOSED TOED SHOES. No heels. We suggest to use older clothes that you won’t mined if you will get few paint drops o

Discover the Ultimate Rage Room Atlanta Experience

Discover the Ultimate Rage Room Atlanta Experience 


Do you have a lot of chaotic energy and pent-up frustration that you’re tired of expressing in safe, healthy ways?


Sometimes, our brain is rattled and craves the idea of letting loose and breaking things without negative consequences. Luckily, Rage Room Atlanta gives you that healthy outlet to release anger and rage by breaking things without harming yourself or others.


What is Rage Room?


Rage rooms, commonly called smash rooms or anger rooms are a safe outlet to vent out your anger and frustration by breaking various stuff and objects, including glasses, plates, and electronics in a safe manner. 


To mitigate the risk involved with breaking stuff, the organizers provide customers with protective gear, such as goggles, helmets, gloves, and other safety gear. Many participants find the experience thrilling and claim it’s cheaper than therapy. 


In 2023, the global rage room market size was around $16.7 Billion and it is likely to reach $24.1 Billion by 2023.

The History of Rage Rooms

Japan first brought the concept of venting out your bad energy through breaking or smashing things back in 2008. After the ridiculous success of rage rooms in Japan, many countries hopped onto the trend, including Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Argentia. 


Many businesses in the United States have spread to different popular cities, including Spin Art Rage Room Atlanta. Spin Art offers a diverse range of fun-filled, challenging activities, such as throwing paint at a canvas or educational problems, including STEAM education. 

Why Go to a Rage Room?

Rage room is not only associated with anger management, it’s also a form of stress relief. The increasing demands of society lead to societal stress, which has led us to incorporate unique stress management solutions in our daily routine, such as a rage room. 


Therefore, rage or anger rooms provide a safe haven for stressed people, trying to vent their frustration in a healthy and entertaining way through the destruction of objects. 


Similar to what a body workout does to your tired body, smashing a bottle with full force allows you to ease a little from family stress or life stress, in general.

Are Rage Rooms Healthy and Beneficial for Mental Health?

According to scientific research, there are no such claims that discuss the effectiveness of rage rooms for mental health.


Undoubtedly, rage rooms are not a replacement for professional mental health services, they are more like an outlet for your everyday minor frustrations, stress, and negative emotions. Therefore, it should be considered as a source of entertainment rather than help. Ultimately, rage rooms can drastically help reduce stress levels, improve mood, and increase feelings of empowerment. 


To cope with severe aggression and vent stress and anger, adopt healthier ways and procedures. 


What are healthy ways to deal with aggression and anger?


If you have underlying issues, such as anger and aggression, they may lead to serious stress, anxiety, and depression. While rage rooms provide a short-term outlet for anger, there are healthy ways to deal with aggression long-term. 


Practicing breathing exercises and trying meditation are two of the less costly and most effective techniques to relieve stress and anxiety. 


Some other effective techniques are muscle relaxation, cognitive restructuring, social skills training, exposure to stressors, and consulting with a therapist. 

In short, indulging in thrilling activities, such as rage rooms should only be considered as a source of entertainment and not therapy. Psychologists believe acting aggressively in a state of anger leads to more aggressive behavior in the future. 


Here are three major reasons you should try a rage room at all costs:


To experience something different

Some people are so disciplined that they haven’t even broken a single thing in frustration. If you’re someone like that, you should try rage rooms to try and experience something new. 

Fun with friends

Activities and adventures like these are best enjoyed with a group of friends. Breaking and smashing unreasonable amounts of things with your stressed out friends is a lifetime experience that you will cherish forever together.


Besides venting out frustration, rage rooms are pure fun and should be tried at least once with friends and family. As long as you don’t make it a habit of breaking things, it’s all good. 


What is a rage room?

A rage room is a safe place where you can scream, smash, and vent out by breaking or smashing the things you would never break at home. The rage room staff would provide you with the necessary safety gear so you don’t hurt yourself. 

Where are the popular Rage Room Atlanta locations?

We are located in major cities in the United States, including Atlanta, San Antonio, Sugar Hill, Chicago, Phoenix, Raleigh/Cary, and N/C. 


Can I play music in my rage room?

Absolutely, you can listen to your beloved music while smashing and breaking the stuff. We offer a Bluetooth speaker for your favorite playlist. 

What is the minimum age requirement for rage room Atlanta? 

The minimum age requirement for a rage room is 18 years. 


How long are Rage Room Atlanta sessions?

We offer two packages:


  1. The Short Fuse 18+ package is 30 minutes long.
  2. The Mood Swing 18+ package is 45 minutes long.

Are rage rooms safe? 

Yes, our rage rooms provide a completely safe environment for our participants with preventive measures to reduce the risk of injury. We offer protective gear to our customers, such as goggles, gloves, helmets, etc to prevent potential injuries. Besides protective gear, our rage rooms are controlled with reinforced walls and floors to handle all the destruction. 


We also have a team of trained staff that supervise and assist all the rage room sessions to avoid any inconvenience. 

How do I book a room in rage room Atlanta?

The booking process is pretty straightforward. Just fill out the booking form here and our team representative will contact you shortly. 



Rage rooms are all the rage around the United States. If you live somewhere around Atlanta and looking to relax all your tense nerves through a healthy channel, just type in “Rage room near me” and the top results should fit your needs.


Spin Art Nation is focused on indulging the youth and children in all fun, recreational, and healthy activities, offering rage painting, STEAM learning, and rage room Atlanta. You can try out different packages and even plan an outstanding event on your next birthday or anniversary. 


Ready to experience the thrill of something as cool as a rage room? Book your sessions now or buy a gift card for your loved ones!

Gift Certificate


Rage Room

Rage Room Atlanta is the first rage room in Downtown Atlanta

We offer a unique experience unlike other rage rooms. Our rage comes equipped with Blacklight glow, stereo system that allows our customers to connect via Bluetooth to play their own music.

We offer 2 packages

  • a 30 Minute Short Fuse package
  • a 45 Min Mood Swing package

Max capacity is 6 participants and you can select from multiple add on options to enhance your rage room experience.

The most popular add on is Rage Paint addon where you get 3 bottles of UV glow paint to squirt all over the items you break making your rage room experience one you will never forget!

Prices start at $79.99

Introducing the Ultimate Stress Buster: The Rage Room Experience!

Are you ready to unleash your frustrations and let off steam like never before? Spin Art Nation proudly introduces our latest offering: The Rage Room! It’s not just an activity; it’s a cathartic journey to release pent-up emotions and stress. What is the Rage Room, you ask? It’s a sanctuary where you can smash, break, and destroy everyday items without any consequences. Say goodbye to stress and hello to exhilaration as you let loose in a controlled environment designed for maximum satisfaction. Whether you’re looking for a unique way to blow off steam after a long week or seeking an unconventional bonding experience with friends, the Rage Room is the answer. It’s perfect for individuals, couples, or groups looking to unleash their inner fury in a safe and exhilarating manner.

So, how does it work?

Simply book your session online in advance to secure your spot. Then, arrive at our facility ready to let loose. We provide the protective gear and a wide selection of smashable items, from glassware to electronics. All you have to do is step in, gear up, and unleash your rage in the most satisfying way possible. Join us at Spin Art Nation’s Rage Room and discover the ultimate stress-relief experience that’s guaranteed to leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized. Say goodbye to stress and hello to liberation!

Welcome to the Ultimate Stress-Relief Destination: Spin Art Nation’s Rage Room!

Once you step through our doors, your journey to cathartic release begins. Your dedicated Rage Room Guide will greet you and ensure you’re fully equipped with our specialized coveralls, safety goggles, and protective gear, including rain boots – because things are about to get intense!

Prepare to enter our one-of-a-kind Rage Room, where the only rule is to let loose and unleash your fury. Equipped with an array of smashing tools, from bats to sledgehammers, you’ll have the power to obliterate everyday items with reckless abandon.

The clock starts ticking as you and your group are given a full hour to wreak havoc and let off steam. Whether you choose to smash, break, or demolish, the Rage Room is your canvas for expression and release.

Once your session concludes, our attentive staff will handle the cleanup while you decompress and reflect on your exhilarating experience. And if you’re eager to take home a memento of your rampage, we offer a Quick-dryer oven option to expedite the drying process, allowing you to leave with your shattered artwork in hand within minutes.

Worried about sharing the space with other groups?

Fear not – at Spin Art Nation, exclusivity is key. Your Rage Room session is reserved solely for your group’s enjoyment, ensuring an intimate and uninterrupted experience.

So, gear up, unleash your inner beast, and let the adrenaline flow in Spin Art Nation’s Rage Room.

Because sometimes, the best way to find peace is by letting out a little rage.

Thank You

Thank You

We appreciate your interest in Spin Art Nation. We’ll provide you with information on new products, special offers and more.


fundraising at spin art nation in atlanta

Spin Art Nation provides organizations and individuals with unique, fun fundraising opportunities. Our space can be reserved for private events, and you can give your audience an unforgettable way to engage with your message and cause.

For fundraising events, we offer a 10% discount off ticket price for participants, and we will donate 10% of event proceeds to the organization of your choice.

Contact us to discuss your event and any special requirements you may need.