About Spin art nation in sugar hill, GA

Are you looking for fun, interesting things to do with your family, with a date, or with a work or school group in Atlanta? Have you ever thought about how much fun a paint studio would be?

Welcome to Spin Art Nation, a paint studio that makes it easy for anyone to create their own personal art. Even if you’ve never painted anything before, you can walk into our Spin Art Nation Studio, get some instruction with one of our resident artists, and paint something remarkable that you’ll want to take home with you.

It’s easy. It’s stimulating. And it’s lots of fun.

Our Spin Art Nation studio in Sugar Hill, GA has become a destination for both casual and serious artists, some of whom donate their works to charities or offer them for sale for hundreds of dollars.


The Splatter Paint Creative Process

Here’s how the creative process at Spin Art Nation Works:  First, you select the Spin Art package you’d like to create. This includes different size canvasses, or your own custom coasters. Once you pick your package and receive some basic safety instruction, you’re ready to put on coveralls and get ready to paint.

Note: while our coveralls do a good job of protecting your clothes, we recommend wearing something that you don’t mind getting a little paint on, because we find that once people get started with their Spin Art project, enthusiasm kicks in, and they send more paint flying than expected (along with a lot of giggles and laughs).

While you’re painting, an instructor is available to give you advice and answer questions, but the artwork is all yours. And you can deliver paint to your canvas in a variety of ways.

You can squeeze it out of a bottle to form spectacular swirl patterns. You can splatter it with a stick or brush. You can mix colors before you apply them or on the fly. You can use a variety of artist’s tools available in the studio to make very random, or detailed application.

It’s all up to you.

Make It A Group Event

And remember—you’re not alone. You’re doing this with friends, family, a significant other, or other people important to you. We encourage you to bring your phone or camera and take photos and videos. (In fact, we even have lighting in the studio so your videos and photos have a polished, professional look. Share the entire experience with friends, or re-live it yourself.

Plus—you’ll have a finished piece of your own custom artwork as a constant reminder of the fun you’ve had.

That’s what makes Spin Art Nation in Atlanta so appealing to so many different groups. Spin Art Studios in Sugar Hill is fun for all ages. Children as young as four can have a good time at Spin Art. Adults also find it a blast. Spin Art Nation is great for events such as birthday parties, where everyone gets to take home something even better than a gift bag.

Science. Technology. Paint.

Spin Art also is great for school groups and school-age kids because it incorporates elements from STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) education programs. Want to see what happens when a paint applied at a certain viscosity and speed to a canvas with a certain coefficient of friction? Want to discover what impressionist artists first saw when throwing paint on a canvas rather than brushing it? You’ll find it all at Spin Art Nation in Atlanta.

For adults, Spin Art is great as a date, because it’s a fun way to see how your interests and thought processes work individual and as a couple. And for organizations (companies, non-profits, institutions), Spin Art is a great activity for team building. Test creativity and critical thinking. Challenge different groups of employees to problem solve, using a non-traditional artistic medium. Involve both sides of the brain as people free their thinking and have fun while doing it. We’ve hosted scores of companies who’ve left delighted at how our artistic outlet gave their people new skills—both hard and soft—that could be applied in their professions.

That’s something great about Spin Art—it can be a deeply challenging and personal experience if you want it to be. Or it can be simple fun that lets you throw paint at a canvas and just see what happens.

We offer discounts to groups who want to experience Spin Art Nation.

So. . . want something that’s fun and relaxing to enjoy with your friends, your spouse or significant other? Interested in a fun Spin Art session for the littlest members of the family?

Why not join us at Spin Art Nation? It’s the latest trend to hit Atlanta (Sugar Hill) and you won’t want to miss it! Forget those “paint and sip” stale date night ideas or family game nights. Try something new that you’ll talk about for a long time to come.

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