15 Fun Pirate Party Games Your Little Matey’s Big Day

Ahoy, matey! If your kid loves all things swashbuckling, consider throwing them an unforgettable pirate-themed birthday party. It’s the perfect choice for any child who loves a little adventure on the high seas.

Not sure where to start? Let us help you brainstorm some creative pirate games for birthday parties!

15 Pirate Party Games for Kids

What kid doesn’t want to relive the days of sailing the seas with a talking parrot on their shoulder? Throw your little matey a swashbuckling soiree they’ll never forget! Here are fifteen kid-friendly, pirate party activities perfect for your little pirate.

1. Book a Room at Spin Art Nation

Pirates aren’t known for following the rules and in the spirit of that energy, there’s no painting inside the lines at Spin Art Nation! At this chaperoned paint studio, kids spin and splatter paint to create wild and crazy designs. (Coveralls and goggles provided.) In addition to this structured activity, add in some pirate-themed cake, decorations, and goody bags to create a truly memorable kid’s birthday party in San Antonio

2. Pin the Feather on the Parrot

Sometimes pirate-themed games can be a twist on an old classic – like Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Of course, we associate pirates with parrot sidekicks. So to play Pin the Feather on the Parrot, put a blindfold on the party guest (a bandana will do), spin them around, hand them a feather with tape on it, and point them in the direction of a parrot image pasted to the wall. By the end of the party, you’ll have a fully feathered parrot… or at least a very funny looking one.

3. Talk Like a Pirate Challenge

Arrgh ye salty sea dogs, mop the poop deck! See who of your party guests can maintain a conversation the longest using only pirate lingo. Print out a list of common pirate phrases to help and see who is the most convincing pirate captain. By the end, kids and parents alike will be in tears with laughter. Shiver me timbers, it’s tougher than it sounds! 

4. Name that Pirate

This pirate birthday party game is perfect for trivia lovers and it works best with older kids. Research and create your own pirate identification game based on context clues. Include varying levels of difficulty for the pirate experts. Categories may include pirates in history or fictional from the movies. Compete in teams, pairs, or individually Jeopardy-style. 

5. Pirate Costume Contest

No need to wait until Halloween to dress like a pirate! Break out the toy swords, eye patches, and boots: it’s time for a pirate costume contest. Organize it so all party guests earn some type of recognition, like “Most Creative Costume” or “Most Likely to Walk the Plank.” Or let them all compete for “Best Dressed.”

6. Modern-Day Sword Fight

Kids’ pirate games need to be safe. And fencing with plush foam swords is perhaps the closest we can get to the epic sword fight sequences we’ve all seen in pirate movies. Do some online searching for videos of fencing techniques, etiquette, and simple games that kids will enjoy. There may not be much technique involved, kids will love feeling like they’re living the true pirate life. 

7. Scavenger Hunt

Create a pirate-themed scavenger hunt in your backyard! Come up with riddles for party guests to solve. Each clue will lead them closer to a treasure buried somewhere in your house or yard. Break the kids up into teams, or encourage the whole group to work together at once. Fill a treasure chest with candy and goodies for a sweet reward at the end! 

8. Pirate-Themed Timed Challenge

With some pirate games, party vibes really activate when there’s a race against the clock. For this pirate-themed timed challenge, pair up party guests in twos. Time each pair as they dress up in pirate gear and then complete a three-legged (“peg leg”) race. See who can complete it the fastest and have the audience cheer them on in pirate lingo from the sidelines!  

9. Race Ships

Ship racing is a fun, budget-friendly idea for a pool party. First, set up a string as the finish line across the pool. (Note: Racing ships along the full length of a large pool might be too exhausting, so try to keep it small.) Then, have the kids make simple boats out of folded paper. Have them huff and puff on the ships’ paper sails to move them toward the finish line. Will the ships make it to the finish line before sinking? (Tip: coat the bottom of the boats with wax paper so the boats don’t dissolve in the water.) 

10. Scavenger Hunt: Navigation Challenge Edition

Pirates used compasses, spy glasses, and maps to navigate the high seas. Why can’t pirate kids’ games use the same tools to find hidden slices of birthday cake or goody bags filled with candy? Similar to the scavenger hunt game above, the clues in the Scavenger Hunt: Navigation Challenge Edition require using these tools to lead kids to the next clue, and ultimately, the hidden sweets!

11. Sharks and Minnows

Sharks and Minnows is a classic pool party game that can also be played on dry land. Pirates may be fierce, but they are no match for sharks. Have the birthday kid be the “shark” and party guests be the “minnows” who try to get to the other side of the pool without being tagged by the shark! Once minnows are tagged, they become sharks. 

12. Pass the Hula Hoop… with Hooks

We all know the game in which party guests form a circle while holding hands and try to pass a hula hoop between each other without breaking the chain. The pirate twist on this party classic? Each kid must wear a hook for a hand! Make homemade hooks out of red plastic cups and aluminum foil. Keeping these DIY hooks linked makes this game the ultimate pirate captain challenge! 

13. Multiplayer Pirate Video Games

Does your tiny pirate want a smaller, low-key party? There is no shortage of fun pirate games in the video game world. Choose a multiplayer pirate-themed video game for a small in-person gathering, or celebrate virtually if the game allows. Kids love to get swept up in the role-playing wonder of detailed plotlines, thought-out characters, and impressive graphics, transporting them back to the Golden Age of Pirates.  

14. Walk the Plank

What about pirate-themed party games for really young kiddos? Walk the Plank is a simple test of balance for toddlers. Prop up a thin wooden board slightly above the ground. To win, toddlers simply have to walk across it without falling. To up the ante for older kids, play Walk the Plank at your local pool with extra points for flips and tricks!  

15. Guess the Number of Chocolate Golden Doubloons in the Jar 

Place a jar full of chocolate coins (flat chocolates wrapped in gold foil) at the party entrance. Place a box, a pad of paper, and a pen by the jar. Beside it, post an explanatory sign that encourages guests to guess the number of chocolate golden doubloons in the jar. The winner gets to take them home to enjoy!

Yo-Ho-Ho, An Artist’s Life For Me

While pirate party games unleash the competitive spirit of youngsters, birthdays are opportunities for kids to unleash their inner artists, too. After all, pirates and abstract artists both have a certain rebelliousness and thinking-outside-the-box nature. Spin Art Nation knows how to nurture that rebellious creativity safely.


It’s a place where kids (and kids at heart) create unique art pieces to take home. With the help of our expert staff, anyone can use our methods to splatter and spin paint for truly unique creations. Mix your favorite colors and see what you come up with! Plan your kid’s birthday party at Spin Art Nation today.